And just like that, I got myself a new favorite tune. The universe and all of its inhabitants are truly something indescribable we cannot even begin to fathom.

This has been trotting in my mind for a while. Now, I could make myself, pick up the jaw and take my eyes and mind away from the reality, into the heavens which contain all answers. With talent, with pleasure. Travelling has never been so easy. I realised what a gem this song was. Not unknown, but eclipsed by globalised american songs. Something I wouldn’t complain about. When I love something, I want it for me and no one else.

Today, I destroyed the misconceptions I had about the lack of creativity in my country. It is now my duty to do the same for you. Oum is a mesmerising artist. As much as this song wants you to dance and shout, It provokes into you an envy of sitting on some hot sand and just stare at the stars.

We have the privilege to see an artist on the action, like looking at Brad Pitt shooting the final scene of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Just an innocent training to some important concerts. But the result is even better. The symbiose between the images and the voluptuous, sincere and soft voice of Oum is just an ecstasy. Even the artists, melted in fear and hesitation, don’t realise it. Magic is all working by itself.

When I listen to this music, I can only think of waves. One after the other, stronger or weaker, faster or slower, but just awaking. An emancipation of the senses.

Life is good. Keep dreaming guys!