Today’s topic was about music. Well… I always had some difficulties describing reasons why I like a song. I obviously prefer a certain style of music, but I never had particular criteria to decide whether I appreciate  or not a track. I rather think that it comes naturally. That the overall combination of rhythm, lyrics, and percussions assert an overwhelming power on you. Bob Marley perfectly explained this by saying that “ one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”.  Henceforward, the power of music is indescribable and immutable. You can always give your point of view on a song, tell its qualities and defects, but no one will really pay attention to your words. Why ? Because as long as the song moves people, they will listen to it and enjoy it. Consequently, music is and will always be universal. It will always be a melody that floats in your body and eventually touches your heart.

This is why I will not give  an analysis of one of my favourite song. Nevertheless, I can always show you a group called Seafret which I recently discovered in Birmingham and that really moved me. I went to see Kodaline’s concert – you should also check them out if you don’t know them – and they were playing the first part of the gig.

Before they started jamming, the concert hall was very noisy and no one really paid attention when they came on stage. However when Jack Sedman, the vocalist, started to sing, I really had the feeling that he wanted to send a message to the public. And obviously this feeling was shared with other people from the audience. Like me, everyone was completely astonished by the presence of the singer and the virtuosity of the guitarist Harry Draper.


This is why I want to share with you the amazing talent of these two young and still unknown British lads. I think they deserve more recognition for their hard work and dedication to create incredible music. You should also watch the video clips of the songs that are, in my opinion, wonderful and especially meaningful.