Everything seemed so flawless from the outside: refugees flee from war, as we all know. Countries such as Germany and Sweden receive them openhandedly. Their immersion into their new life takes some time, but it is for the best. Everyone is winning from this integration – governments don’t simply act by kindness, but thoroughly calculate what they win from it. Syrians, Iranians and Afghans live happily and peacefully ever after that.


That is how I perceived things at the beginning. I was very much impressed by the wave of solidarity shown by European countries towards the refugee crisis. We must say, politics rarely demonstrated such a consideration for the factor human.


But it has been 12 days that I have been volunteering in the Erding Refugee camp in Germany, a camp capable of hosting more than 5000 refugees. 12 days during when I daily questioned what is truly happening with the refugees without believing it. To the world’s consternation, everything in Europe is falling apart.


The first problem results from the establishing stone of a Democracy, the golden unbreakable rule, the natural law of the code of rights and wrongs. You surely know it, America has been bragging with it for decades in order to unscrupulously attack very coincidentally countries rich in oil. I am talking about how one is free to do whatever he or she wants. You cannot dictate to someone where to go and how to live. That comes with a huge, wide and deep breach that shakes Europe from all sides. Let me explain you by an anecdote.


In the camp where I volunteer, the German Red Cross offers first needs to the welcomed refugees. The volunteers must complain to the refugees’ needs in terms of cloths. And very interestingly, I have seen a big part of refugees only interested in getting sports’ shoes. What seemed to only be a funny hazardous coincidence turned to be the explanation of a particular phenomenon. Most refugees, instead of being dispatched in camps all-over Germany, prefer to do things on they own by leaving the camp. They are illegal, but you cannot stop them – Otherwise, what would be Democracy? The final result is the thousands of refugees currently on European lands of which names aren’t registered in any archives. Where could they be? What could they do? I let you imagine.

Assad has confirmed the infiltration of ISIS’s members within the refugees’ community.

Besides that, much more shows the deficiency of the Ancient Continent to act as a unique entity in time of trouble.

With such disregard to the importance of regulating the movement of refugees, there may be right one single refugee registered at several different countries, simply by adding a letter to his name of by changing his birthdate – and I wouldn’t bet on only one.

Furthermore, the EU’s legislation states that the primary responsibility for asylum application is placed on the first EU country of entry, which is Greece, very often. Therefore, if any country decides to send back its refugees, it is going to fall down on the country from where they entered Europe. With UK’s referendum, we can only fear such throwback. For now, France is holding thousands of refugees in Calais, a city not so far from the Channel Tunnel. If the UK happened to leave the EU, France wouldn’t mind leaving them reach London. Which we couldn’t blame the refugees for ; The conditions of life in the Calais camp have earned it the name of “The Jungle”.

UK’s shameful reaction to the refugees crisis.

With these increasing difficulties, we would understand Austria and Macedonia for closing their borders. Fear has spread through populations, and that is only suitable to the far right, of which frustration is magnified all over Europe. Germany’s new Right is following a strategy similar to that of Front National head Marine Le Pen: that of putting a friendly face to radicalism. That will only make the refugees’ integrations worse and harder. I can attest to that. I can see people’s distrust when they lay their eyes on me, a very much Arab-looking guy, when I enter a metro. I have been put in the refugees’ shoes without choosing, and that is the saddest part. No efforts have been yet done to educate people towards this completely modern and existing issue. Public anxiety about Muslim minorities, subsequent international conflicts, and vocal hostility towards Muslims in Europe all point to the need for a comprehensive integration strategy.

Europe is not totally to blame. Having thousands of refugees at borders doesn’t make things simple.The total chaos in Libya is also a reason for the increasing movements. Kadhafi, who was holding all migrations with brutal and inhuman treatments back then, isn’t here anymore to complete this task for Europe. It couldn’t keep blind eyes on what is happening.

The Ancient Continent has the human and the economical capital to handle this crisis. What is only missing, is the will to do so.