This time, we decided to write about climate change. A topic all of us have already heard about. We may be talking a lot about this subject, it may be one of the most important challenges of humanity but nothing seems to change.

I would lie to you if I say I know what I am going to write after. The truth is that there are too many things I can write about. Therefore, I am going to write everything that comes through my mind. I am not the one who is going how bad climate change is. I am not the one who is going to tell you what to do if you feel interested by it. But just so you understand, either way you are going to be affected by it. Climate change will affect your body, your physiological abilities: snow, storms, rain, sun, none of them will be like they were.

Like always in our history, humanity’s problems will affect some of us more than others. Some of us will have to flew away, some of us will have to find another job, some of us will have to find another way to feed their family, some of us will have to fight new disease maybe. But all of us, as humans, have to fight against the corporations that persuade the leaders of our countries to not act against climate change.

environmental-issues-eskimo-inuit-igloo-cactus-climate_change-mlyn203_low.jpgI won’t tell them what to do either, as politicians it may be more difficult to act as human without thinking about political, economical interests. I will just ask them to think about the world they’re going to leave to their children, grandson, to think about their legacy.

I don’t really that this article is one of my best, but just so you know it was written with all the anger I can have because climate change is not a topic we should avoid but a topic we should take seriously without any economical and political motives.