Ali Rachidi, Gap-Year Student. Founder, Editor-In-Chief and Redactor – Middle.

Before standing as a fervent lover of sciences, i am a liver of live to its fullest. I believe our richness reside in culture and love, arts and wine, not dollar nor weaponery. You better think i couldn’t resist to the tentation of taking a gap year? Well, you made a good bet. I couldn’t find any other way to breathe, to live if not through travelling. Fancying a immeasurable liberty, i will try to incorporate my treks using Shakespeare’s language in all my writings. Commandant of a talented infantry is how I proudly stand in this project ; you won’t be deceived.

I dream of many things, and one of them is to hold a TEDx Talk. 

Also (Founder,Editor-In-Chief and Redactor of

Moundhir Boussouf, University of Lyon-Lumieres 2. Redactor – Top Right.

Born in Strasbourg’s suburbs, forged in Rabat; foreigner in my country of birth, also in my homeland. I am not a soldier but I hope my writings will hit you like an AK-47 would do. Fervent devotee of horology, car enthusiast, football lover – fascinated by science and studying political science as well. Young and ambitious, I will redact not only to please you but also to incite you to react. My goal in life? Honesty in all circumstances. A little bit nervous, but I will remain calm and ready in my duty! Like the world, my writings need you to be.

Soliman Bentaibi, Warwick University. Redactor. Bio to Come – Bottom Left.

Elisha Winckel, University of Amsterdam. Redactor. Bio To Come. -Middle Left  Sadly, Elisha is leaving us because of issues independent of his will.

Avneet Singh, Institut Max-Planck de physique gravitationnelle. Redactor. Avneet Singh is precisely a quarter of a century old now and a Junior Scientist (PhD) at the Max-Planck-Institute für Gravitationsphysik in Hannover, Germany. His true love is Physics (Astrophysics & Astronomy, to be precise) and he has an affair with the sport of Snooker. He has a fully completed but unpublished novel sitting somewhere in his room. He ‘often’ writes poetry and short stories (once published), and updates them sporadically on his blog. He has lived in 5 different countries by now: India, USA, Austria, Italy and Germany over the past 6 years. His newfound love for Model United Nations, and in general Global Politics, has reached unhealthy proportions but he doesn’t seem to care much about it. He goes on long runs every now and then, loves to travel alone, enjoys occasional forays into recreational substances, and absolutely loves mountains and long trekking expeditions when he can. He seems to enjoy classical music a lot, and with each passing day, his interest in music seems to shift backward in time. He is currently exploring compositions from the 11th century AD up to the 16th. This doesn’t imply that he doesn’t love what the new age has to offer; he remains an avid listener of Progressive and Psychedelic Rock, and a great admirer of Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree.

Saad Slaoui, University of Pennsylvania. Redactor. Bio To Come – Top Left.